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It cannot be said that online video poker is the most popular game in the world, but you cannot ignore an obvious fact: the gamblers really love this game. Canada is a country where this game is popular in both its real and virtual form.

Nowadays online casinos have to use the licensed software that guarantees the reliability and objectivity of video poker online and makes it a really exciting, fascinating and challenging pastime. It does not matter whether you play on the computer, tablet or mobile phone – video poker always offers the same version for players.

Why to choose video poker

Keep in mind that most machines offer excellent odds for players who want to master the best strategies for any online game. Even in online gaming websites, many games offer the potential return percentage to the player that exceeds 99%. For this reason, playing video poker is excellent training even for those players who later want to try their luck in a real casino.

At the same time, many will agree that the game of video poker is quite simple, with few rules that obviously require a specific domain, and luckily you have to make the right decision. This means that you can enjoy the same process in video poker.

Play video poker for free

Since video poker is a strategy game, it is normal to practice it for free before playing it for real money. This is not possible in traditional casinos, but online casinos give you a great opportunity to play for free for as long as you want so you can improve your strategic skills without spending your money.

If you want to try such a version, we can recommend many different options. If you register at one of the existing online casinos in Canada today, you will be waiting for many games that you can then test for free. Try to try different games and see which kind of their online versions are more suitable and convenient for you, and then after you feel fit to start serious business, decide to start video poker games with real money .

The game helps you relax properly, gives you the confidence that you can change your life. Every game requires good preparation, and only by practicing can you invent the levels and your own strategy of video poker.

Today’s world is completely reversible: all the games you want to play in traditional casinos are also available on specialized online gaming sites. Video poker is a great option for any online player who wants to enjoy the game and be in control of their luck.

What to start with

Before starting the game at Video Poker Casino you need to decide how many credits you want to wager on each round. Usually the offer ranges from 1 to 5 credits. In many online machines you can also decide how much money you want to deposit with each stake. The size of the prizes will of course depend on the amounts you are playing. The size of the prices can be found in the payment table.

After you have made your deposit you can bet. Virtually all versions of Video Poker offer you a five-card layout simulation, which means that you are dealt five cards (sometimes one or more jokers are added to this deck). The object of the game for gamblers in Canada is to draw the best combination of five cards. You need a combination with a certain number of rating cards to win this or that prize.

For example, in Jacks or Better / Sotas, you need at least a couple of Jacks to win something. The prizes are huge, but for that you should have the full house, which is increased by 9.

Ten or Better / Ten or Better doesn’t pay as well as the previous combination, but one pair can already collect your prize.

Jokers are wild cards that complete other cards. So in Jokers Wild / Joker Joker and in Deuces Wild / DOS von Wildcards there is the possibility to collect 5 identical cards in Video Poker Online Casino, in the last option, however, the price is lower because the probability of 4 cards is easier.

And finally, at Double Bonus / Double Bonus, the highest price is offered for high rollers.

Basic strategies at video poker casino

The important thing is, first cards you want to keep and which first cards you should discard. After his choice, the cards he wants to reject are replaced with new cards in the deck.

In some online versions, you have the option of playing in multiple hand format. In these cases you pay once every hand, for example if you automatically play with 10 hands and with 5 credits per hand, then you have a risk of 50 credits at the beginning of the drawing of each hand. Even the first hand gives you five cards, but after you’ve chosen the cards you want to discard, you are dealt new cards for each hand you paid. In each of these new hands, the cards are dealt individually so you can get the same cards to substitute for in different hands. All of your winning hands bring cash prizes, just like in normal one-handed play.

The strategy of video poker too

to lose your money. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to play various casino games. Inexperienced players often ask the following question: “What are the bonus codes for bonus payouts and how do they work?” Or “Where can I find coupons for no deposit online casinos?” As you can see from the list above, a number of online casinos offer users the option of using special no deposit bonus codes that activate free money to play. Using this spreadsheet, you don’t need to scour forums and blogs to check the information as we regularly monitor for updates, add new bonuses and update old ones. Bonus codes for deposits generally cannot be made available to new players.

No deposit bonus

This type of bonus is better appreciated by users because you don’t need to make a deposit to get it. Most of the online facilities do not offer a deposit bonus to new players and encourage them to open an account at this casino. The advantage of this type of bonus is that the customer has the opportunity to play online casino for real money, without risking their own resources. However, there is one major drawback – it is very difficult to withdraw the amount from the account.

In order to win a no deposit bonus, the player must meet the troubled wagering requirements – making a lot of bets on a large amount that exceeds the bonus size ten times. In this case, all bets must be made within a short period of time and only in a certain group of online casino games. Even if the client manages to collect the bonus in full without violating the conditions, he is often not allowed to withdraw money from the account immediately, before he makes an actual deposit of a certain amount. Thus, the casino keeps new customers and is insured against bonus players (bonus hunters).

Bonus for VIP players

Each legal French online casino encourages its customers in its own way. Regular customers receive the special bonuses (monthly, quarterly, weekly), as well as the promotion of individual birthday bonuses and participation in tournaments and promotions that the gambling houses are constantly running. For a certain number of bets, all players receive additional bonus points, which can be redeemed later instead of cash. But the largest and most profitable bonuses with high requirements for betting are given to players with VIP status. All luxury online casinos value their VIP customers, so they only offer the best bonuses for players.

Deposit bonus

The most common form of bonus given to players for the first or next replenishment of the account. This can either be a fixed amount or a certain percentage of the payment made. The amount of the fixed bonus is indicated in the conditions, as well as the amount of the minimum deposit that the player must deposit into his account. For example: A bonus of € 100 on a deposit of € 50. The amount of the interest bonus depends directly on the amount of payment made. Therefore, each casino sets its limit and specifies the minimum and maximum amount of a possible deposit. For example, a 100% bonus on a deposit between € 10 and € 200 deposited.

The bonuses you need to deposit must be redeemed. Only then, online casinos offer lower stakes and fair playing conditions. The bonuses for depositing are best on the following principle: You have to calculate how much of your own funds you are theoretically spending by fulfilling the conditions of the bet.

3. Important criteria when choosing a reliable online casino

Online casino gambling has gained great popularity in recent times. How to choose a secure online casino? What should you be looking for? And which websites should be avoided? Below is the detailed information:

1. Casino license

The theaters in which you want to earn money must necessarily have a license to operate. Such a license will only be issued after careful consideration by the competent authorities. However, not all licenses are a guarantee that you can trust the casino. The best online casinos always have a good reputation because the licenses have.

2. The choice of bonuses

At present, there is huge competition between different casinos for customers. And if a long-standing and proven institutional advertisement no longer works, then the new gambling sites, which are appearing in large numbers, must seize the advertisement. It can be based on a good casino affiliate program that attracts customers.